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Questions about billet induction heating equipment

If there is a problem in the use of billet induction heating equipment, how do you deal with it? Is there a better or good way to deal with it? If not, please see the following:

Billet induction heating equipment is widely used in modern industrial production, but many people do not understand the tips of its induction heating heat treatment. FOREVER Electromechanical is a manufacturer of induction heating equipment with high skills and strong strength. Today, we are really analyzing this question.


(1) Some of the active joints of the billet induction heating equipment are all sealed with O-ring, and some of them are cooled by water.

(2) When the billet induction heating equipment disposes of titanium alloy, nitrogen should not be used as the cooling gas, because titanium and nitrogen react at high temperature, forming the golden titanium nitride.

(3) The vacuum tempering furnace probably has fast cooling equipment. The pressure of cooling water is about greater than 0.2Mpa, and the flow should be adjustable.

(4) The curing of billet induction heating equipment shall be in vacuum or filled with pure nitrogen to avoid aspiration and moisture absorption when not in use.

(5) The pressure rise rate of domestic billet induction heating equipment shall not be greater than 1.33Pa/h, and the specification of some foreign companies is 0.67Pa/h

(6) Vacuum heating is mainly based on radiation, and the workpiece is about the same distance in the furnace.

(7) During the heating process, the workpiece and the data in the furnace will be deflated to reduce the vacuum.

(8) The heating temperature of vacuum tempering, vacuum annealing, vacuum solution treatment and vacuum aging is usually the same as that of conventional treatment.

(9) When the workpiece is quenched in vacuum, vacuum quenching oil should be used, which has a low saturated vapor pressure.

(10) Cooling gas: 99.995% nitrogen is usually used for steel, 99.999% nitrogen or argon is used for high-temperature alloy, and 99.995% argon is used for titanium alloy.


After-sales service commitment of FOREVER electromechanical billet induction heating equipment:

1. The company has a full-time after-sales service team, which is responsible for providing users with high-quality services to improve the billet induction heating equipment. The after-sales service has been institutionalized, programmed and standardized.

2. Call a specially-assigned person to register the letter of user service and reply on the same day

3. The secondary induction heating furnace of steel billets required by users and must be handled on site will reach the site within 24-48 hours to ensure the on-site service quality

4. Visit relevant users regularly every year to deal with problems in a timely manner and understand users’ use opinions and demand information

5. For the newly used steel billet heating furnace, call back every half month to grasp the product quality information in time




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