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Professional production of steel billet heating furnace

Based on years of experience in the research and production of induction heating equipment, Yuantuo Electromechanical Factory has developed and produced a steel billet induction heating furnace that can be used for secondary heating and heating equipment for large and unlimited square billets with a section of 50 * 50mm. In recent years, we have successfully customized and produced square steel billet heating furnaces for multiple foreign-funded enterprises such as Russia and Iran.

Characteristics of steel billet induction heating furnace :

1. The integrated design of the feeding and discharging mechanism, coil, and power supply requires less infrastructure, factory space, and installation time.

2. Series type intermediate frequency power supply design, AC voltage is converted into DC voltage through diodes, with an energy conversion efficiency of 94%.

3. The output power can be adjusted between 10% -100%, and can maintain a power factor of 0.94 in all power ranges, with minimal harmonic distortion pollution.

4. Dynamically monitor the changes in the load current of the series resonant coil, timely closed-loop control the power output power, ensure stable heating temperature, and select different heating frequencies according to the size of the billet to save power consumption;

5. The coil is adapted to a diameter range of 1 times wider than the billet.

6. The embedded operation panel displays the steel billet induction reheating furnace ‘s operating status and is used for fault diagnosis; You can choose between manual or human-machine interface operation methods.

7. Power supply system: Double rectified 12 pulse or 24 pulse KGPS1000-1000KW single intermediate frequency power supply can be used independently or multiple power supplies can be used in parallel.

8. Install dedicated transformers on the equipment to reduce the impact of harmonics on the power grid.

9. Users can use it with confidence, safe and reliable.




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