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This set of 150mm x 150mm x 12000 mm steel billet induction heating furnace is customized and produced by Yuantuo for a certain steel manufacturer. It can heat 80 tons of steel per hour. Customer Bao wants to use it to heat 0235 steel with a cross-section of 150mm x 150mm and a length of 12000 mm from a temperature of ≥ 700 ℃ to 1050 ° C.

In order to meet the customer’s parameters and process requirements, Forever has designed a steel billet induction heating furnace with a power of 4000KW. In the design process, we considered energy conservation and consumption reduction to control the ton power.

 consumption of the entire production line at 40KW/h, effectively saving production costs for the customer.

The entire billet induction heating production line includes key components such as intermediate frequency power supply, induction heating furnace body, steel billet conveying machinery, PLC control system, infrared temperature measurement feedback, etc. These components work together to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the billet heating furnace.


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