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Problems often occurred in the use of induction heat treatment equipment?

Problems often occurred in the use of induction heat treatment equipment?

The abrupt failure of induction heat treatment equipment in work is a difficult problem for enterprises. You don’t know how to solve it, which delays production and bring cost consumption. In this regard, we would like to give a summary for the common problems in the heat treatment. If encountered such problems, you can solve it by yourself :

1. Faults generally refer to the state in which the induction heat treatment equipment (or system) loses its prescribed functions due to some reason during operation, such as tripping of the bar heat treatment furnace during operation.

This phenomenon may be caused by the aging of the electric furnace water pipe, the damp of the main control board, the damage of silicon controlled rectifier, whether the capacitance of the capacitor plate is adhesive or whether the water jacket is blocked or not, which will all affect the tripping phenomenon of the heat treatment equipment. First of all, the multimeter should be used to measure the silicon controlled rectifier to see if it is energized and check whether the components are damaged. If the problem can not be solved by yourselves, you can contact the after-sales maintenance department of Forever. Our technicians will solve the problems encountered in the heat treatment equipment for you quickly and let your heat treatment equipment return to normal work soon.

2.Fail to start the system ?

If the induction heat treatment equipment can not start, you can check whether the indicator light on the main control panel of the intermediate frequency power supply is displayed or not. If it does not show the fault, it is not the problem of the main control panel, the next is to use a multimeter to measure whether the SCR is still energized, if not energized, it is SCR burned out, timely replacement of SCR equipment will make the equipment running quickly.

3.The water pipe is blocked, how to do ?

The water pipe is generally a problem of water quality of users, water jacket blocked, if encountered with such problems, users need not worry. Just remove the water jacket and remove the blocking.

Forever has a powerful after-sales team including 15 technicians who are ready to help our users to solve the problem during operation.


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