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Price selection of heating Furnace for continuous annealing of Steel Pipe

The word “price” is usually very sensitive to people. When users buy products, they generally compare goods to three, screening from the aspects of price, quality, sales, after-sales service, attitude and so on. Indeed, the price of a steel pipe continuous annealing furnace is not low. It is often more than 100, 000, about the price of hardening and tempering for steel pipe heat treating remote extension mechanical and electrical marketing department pointed out the following points.

1. Understand the market environment: in fact, the market environment of induction heating equipment industry is the most fundamental factor to determine the nature of the industry. The market environment of domestic metal heat treatment equipment industry is not transparent, so when the company buys steel pipe continuous annealing furnace inquiry, the price asked is rather messy.

2, “look” steel pipe continuous annealing furnace models are diverse, prices vary: this factor I believe everyone can understand, in the metal heat treatment equipment industry, the equipment model is only the body part, and can achieve a range. Many times, steel pipe continuous annealing furnace belongs to custom-made products!

3, “ratio” quality is different: some companies quote 300000, some companies only quote 250000, too many customers will choose cheap manufacturers, Different sellers, steel pipe continuous annealing furnace material quality is different, some accessories from foreign imports, such as Yuantian electromechanical, some manufacturers choose domestic equipment plants that are not up to standard.

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