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Price of induction heating equipment for steel pipe

induction heating furnace is a new type of metal heat treatment furnace in the current heat treatment market. This metal heat treatment equipment uses electromagnetic principle to process metal work-pieces, which has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, uniform heating temperature, reliable quality and so on.


The price analysis of steel pipe heating furnace believes that friends who have come into contact with steel pipe heating equipment know that the price of a set of steel pipe heat treatment production line is not as simple as a simple number, it involves various factors, such as the type of material you need to process, output requirements, heating temperature and so on, will affect the price of equipment, steel pipe induction heating equipment is also the same. The following is an analysis of several factors that affect the price of steel pipe heating furnace:

1. The choice of the model of the equipment is the direct factor that affects the price. After all, the larger the model, the greater the power of the configuration, the stronger the processing ability, and the higher the price.

2,Manufacturers choose to invest in steel pipe heating equipment more and more users, then manufacturers are more and more. Because the materials used by each manufacturer are different, and the labor cost, time cost and other costs are also different, there are also great differences in the performance and quality of the heat treatment equipment produced by the steel pipe, so the final quotation may be very different.

3. Generally speaking, the purchase channels mainly include two kinds: manufacturer direct marketing and dealer agent. Manufacturer direct marketing is a relatively cost-effective purchase mode, users can inspect the field, deal directly with technical engineers, after-sales service is also guaranteed, the general out-of-factory price is equipment price, no other costs, generally speaking, the price is relatively low; But through the dealer to buy, is bound to have to pay a part of the price difference, and the later steel pipe induction heating equipment failure may also need to pay additional fees, in the long run, the price is more expensive.

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