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Performance and characteristics of Medium Frequency Induction heating equipment

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Performance characteristics of medium frequency induction heating equipment :

1. The central control circuit board is optimized by computer, and the combination of large scale integrated circuits is optimized. the performance of the device is stable, the quality is reliable and the anti-interference is strong.

2. On the basis of zero voltage starting, the function of automatic sweep and repeated start is added, the voltage and current loop circuit is closely followed, the equipment starts and stops smoothly and stably, and there is no current shock.

3, the layout of the components is coordinated and reasonable, and the maintenance is convenient;

4. In the constant power circuit control system, the voltage and current are automatically controlled in the optimal setting with the change of charge in production, and the inverter cut-off angle does not need to be adjusted manually

5.The single-signal high-sensitivity trigger circuit is used in the inverter start-up signal, which further enhances the start-up performance of the equipment, and makes the success rate of the start-up of High success rate.

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