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Performance advantages of aluminum rod heating electric furnace

For more than 20 years, Forever Electromechanical has been committed to the research and development, production, and technical services of Aluminum bar induction heating furnace . Users are spread throughout the country, and aluminum rod induction heating furnaces are renowned in the industry for their advantages of stability, reliability, high cost-effectiveness, and high-quality after-sales service. Quickly respond to local user needs, provide the most timely and comprehensive aluminum rod induction heating equipment and technical support services.

Performance advantages of aluminum bar induction heating machine:

1. Adopting a new internationally popular PLC production control system: high-precision and high-speed dedicated temperature control instruments, with strong functionality, high reliability, and greater flexibility and scalability, aluminum bar induction heating equipment is fully suitable for repeated and highly continuous production processes.

2. Induction heating equipment has functions such as overheating alarm, automatic fault detection, and automatic alarm.

3.Induction aluminum rod heating equipment is a new type of electromechanical integration equipment, which uses computer control technology and imported high-precision sensors.

4. The large steel bar induction heating furnace is suitable for metal workpieces such as steel bars, bars, aluminum bars, copper bars, etc. And it widely serves industries such as steel, industry, and light industry.

5. Induction heating equipment has high accuracy and less temperature error compared to aluminum rod heating equipment.

6. The induction heating furnace for large steel bars can achieve automatic metering and filling due to its electronic control.

7. aluminum bar heating equipment  is divided into imported and economical types, with the main difference being the use of different components. The components used in the economical aluminum rod induction heating furnace are partially made of domestically advanced component materials. The imported model adopts internationally imported electronic components, imported sensors, etc.


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