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Operation and maintenance of steel hardening furnace

A steel quenching furnace is an equipment used for quenching steel, which can improve the hardness and strength of the steel.

steel plate induction hardening machine operation:

-Set process parameters, including heating temperature, insulation time, and cooling speed.

-Loading workpiece: Place the workpiece to be quenched into the furnace chamber and ensure a reasonable layout.

-Monitoring the quenching process: Real time monitoring of temperature to ensure that process parameters meet requirements.

-Cooling treatment: Quickly immerse the workpiece into the cooling medium to complete the quenching process.


Maintenance of steel plate induction hardening equipment:

-Regular inspection of the electrical system: Ensure the normal operation of the electrical system and avoid malfunctions.

-Cleaning the cooling system: Clean impurities in the cooling medium to maintain cooling effectiveness.

-Lubrication and maintenance: Regularly lubricate and maintain the mechanical parts of the equipment to extend its service life.

-Regular calibration: Regularly calibrate the temperature control system to ensure accurate process parameters.



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