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On-line induction quenching and tempering process

induction heating electric furnace  is applied more and more because of its energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and so on. After induction quenching of the parts, the workpiece is usually tempered in the furnace. However, the energy consumption is large, the process cycle is long, the on-line production can not be realized, and the products are easily bumped between the processes. Because the tempering is not timely, sometimes will cause the product crack, causes the loss to the enterprise.

The induction quenching process is adopted, and the induction tempering is required. With two power supplies, the quenching frequency is higher and the tempering frequency is lower. In fact, induction hardening, induction tempering can use a power source and an inductor. Can reduce the equipment investment, but also can guarantee the quality. The same machine tool is used for induction quenching and tempering, and the same inductor can be realized. The power of induction quenching is large and the power of induction tempering is small. When the power is high, the heating frequency is higher, the power is low, the heating frequency is low. Therefore, it is possible to use a sensing device.

One shaft adopts induction quenching and induction tempering, the other shaft adopts induction quenching furnace tempering process, and the hardness of the shaft is tested. The hardness of induction tempering is obviously higher than that of in-furnace tempering.

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