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Oil drill pipe tempering production line

Forever Electromechanical provides users with excellent solutions and quotations for oil drill pipe hardening and tempering line for free. We have many years of experience in the design, process, manufacturing, and management of drill pipe quenching and tempering production lines

Experience and Practice. The drill pipe tempering production line is fully touchscreen controlled, with induction heating equipment featuring high efficiency, energy conservation, uniform heating, and low power consumption.

Characteristics of oil drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace :

1. Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT, intelligent induction heating power, energy-saving 10% -15%, pollution-free.

2. Process monitoring screens and data record archiving.

3. Purpose: Suitable for heat treatment of various sizes of metal parts.

Drill pipe tempering production line, used for quenching and tempering of petroleum drill pipes:

Induction heat treatment equipment usually refers to the process of changing the chemical composition and microstructure of metal materials or the structure between metal materials through heating, insulation, and cooling to obtain the required performance. This is a metal induction heat treatment process.



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