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oil drill pipe hardening and tempering production line

This set of 88.9mmx6.45mmx9.9m  oil drill pipe hardening and tempering production line was customized by Forever for a certain heat treatment manufacturer. The customer is mainly used for steel pipes with a diameter of 88.9mm, a wall thickness of 6.45mm, and a length of 9.9 meters.

Oil drill pipe heat treatment furnace is carried out on metal pipes such as oil casings to improve their strength, hardness, and toughness. Based on the customer’s parameters and process requirements, Forever has designed a petroleum steel pipe hardening and tempering production line with a hardening power of KGPS500KW and a tempering power of KGPS300KW. In the design process, we considered energy conservation and consumption reduction, so that the power consumption per ton of the entire production line was controlled between 450-500 degrees Celsius, effectively saving production costs for customers.

The entire oil drill pipe induction heat treatment machine mainly includes intermediate frequency power supply, hardening and heating equipment, spray cooling system, tempering and heating equipment, PLC control system, storage platform, and conveyor roller conveyor. These components achieve full automation operations from feeding steel pipes to hardening and heating, spray cooling, tempering and heating, and discharging through automated processes. Greatly improved production efficiency and reduced labor intensity.


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