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Metal heat treatment quenching: gas quenching method!

heat treatment hardening is one of the commonly used processes in mechanical manufacturing industry. Quenching heat treatment of metal workpiece can effectively improve its strength, hardness, fatigue resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties. But today, the editor mainly wants to share with you a cooling method of metal quenching heat treatment.

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Gas quenching method was originally only used in high hardenability steel, but in recent 10 years, it has also been applied to the quenching of medium and low hardenability steel. The use of high pressure gas or high velocity gas quenching expands the application field of gas quenching and reduces the deformation at the same time. In order to reduce the deformation of the workpiece, some quenching methods which can adjust the local quenching rate and simulate the shape of the workpiece should be adopted. Gas quenching and spray quenching may meet these requirements. Therefore, gas quenching method is attracting people’s attention.

Quenching determines the final microstructure and properties of the heat treatment workpiece. On the one hand, to obtain the ideal microstructure(generally martensite), the quenching cooling rate must be high enough. On the other hand, in order to reduce the deformation, the cooling speed should be as slow as possible, and the cooling speed should be as uniform as possible on the entire workpiece section. In general, the cooling rate of a liquid medium is not adjustable during quenching and has a fixed characteristic. Especially when the deformation sensitive workpiece is quenched, quenching with oil or water soluble medium is not easy to achieve the quenching rate control.

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