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Metal heat treatment equipment professional, after-sales improvement.

FOREVER manufacturers have been devoted to the research and development of induction heating equipment, production and so on for more than 10 years, and rely on many years of practical experience in 2015 in the economic depression of the year ahead without hindrance!

Application range of Metal heat treatment:

1. All kinds of standard fasteners and other mechanical parts, hardware tools, straight handle twist drill hot heading, hot rolling. two。

2.Heat metal materials for stretching, modeling, embossing, etc. Such as steel pipe tension, pipe bending, smashing head; wire, steel wire heating nail

3. Heating film of aluminum plastic pipe, cable and wire; sealing of aluminum foil used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, preheating and expansion of metal, etc.

Metal welding applications: all kinds of hard joint, turning tool, milling cutter, planer, gold steel mill saw blade, sawtooth welding, grinding tools, drilling tools, cutting tools, all kinds of metal pipe fittings welding; other metal materials composite welding. Such as brass, copper parts, valves, stainless steel pot bottom and so on.

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Specialist of bar heat treatment furnace in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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