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Metal heat treatment equipment before, during and after sale

We often talk about Heat treatment furnace, we need to consider too many problems in the purchase of intermediate frequency heating equipment, we rarely know the specific services of induction heating equipment manufacturers. Today, we will lead you to understand the specific services of our remote electromechanical induction heating equipment manufacturers. I hope we can have a better understanding of our company and our culture and services through our explanation. And so on:

First of all, we say that before the sale, before the sale of steel bar heat treatment furnace, we will lead customers to answer all kinds of questions about our customers’ purchase of induction heating equipment in detail, so as to help Yuantian electromechanical users design the venue. So that Yuantian electromechanical users more trust in us.

The service will be installed free of charge for our users, and then guide our induction heating equipment users how to use and how to make greater use of our metal heating equipment, which we do for our customers.

For after-sales is our unshirkable responsibility, when our users’ equipment problems, we will reach our user site as soon as possible, to help our users solve the problem, so that our users buy Yuantian electromechanical use more assured.

These are the promises of our FOREVER Electromechanical to our intermediate frequency diothermic furnace users. We hope that our equipment will become more and more popular from pre-sale to after-sale services, so that our users can rest assured. Specifically, we will further improve our services to make our services more considerate and attentive.

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Post time: 06-03-2019