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Medium frequency induction heating equipment performance highlights, manufacturers quote!

medium frequency heat treatment equipment is mainly used to process metal workpieces of various materials, which can greatly improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of metal workpieces. In addition, there are many bright spots in the induction heating equipment. Today, FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical Company will reveal the bright spot of the medium frequency induction heating equipment, and open your own manual!

1. Introduction of medium-frequency induction heating equipment 1, structure: mainly composed of medium-frequency power supply, storage rack, transportation system, control system, heating system, etc. Manufacturers provide temperature meter, cooling tower, automatic feeding, cutting mechanism, etc. 2, Principle: heat treatment with electromagnetic principle, non-contact processing by inductor, heat directly generated from metal workpiece, thermal efficiency up to 95%, high production efficiency.

2: the processing is extensive: manufacturers customize the furnace body of corresponding specifications according to the different work-piece sizes of the user. When machining the different-sized workpieces, they only need to replace the furnace body of the corresponding specifications, and the fast-changing structure design is convenient for production. “bright spot”

3: remote control: configure centralized electric control cabinet, realize the remote control of start-up, stop, process adjustment and so on. The PLC control system can grasp the operation data of induction heating equipment in real time and realize safe production. “bright spot”

4: green environmental protection: because the electric energy itself belongs to the environmental protection energy, does not produce the exhaust gas waste smoke and the dust and so on pollution in the processing process, realizes the environmental protection production in the production process.

What is the price of medium frequency induction heating equipment? The price of a set of medium-frequency heating furnace is affected by the specific configuration and model. According to the different production technology and production requirement of the user, the matching scheme provided by the manufacturer is different, and the final equipment quotation is different. Therefore, the price is not fixed, consult the specific price, please call us far away from the electrical technical engineer, free tailor-made medium-frequency heating furnace scheme and quotation for you.

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