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Medium frequency induction heating equipment

FOREVER electromechanical professional Induction heating furnace manufacturer, now in the intelligent era, a variety of industries are carrying out new changes, towards efficient, environmental protection, convenient development, intelligent intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is the product of the development of the times, it is efficient, intelligent, environmental protection, fast return, high profit, convenient to save money, FOREVER intermediate frequency induction heating equipment sold at home and abroad, by the trust of users!

Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment composition: the circular steel heating equipment is mainly composed of input material rack, induction heating system, transportation device, control system, closed cooling system and so on. The structure design, equipment configuration and combination application are optimized and innovated, the combination is more flexible and the efficiency is higher.

How much is the medium frequency induction heating equipment with an output of 0.5 tons per hour? The configuration of medium frequency induction heating equipment is different, and the different production capacity is also the factor that affects the medium frequency induction heating equipment, different metal workpiece size, different metal process, different metal product demand, different intermediate frequency induction heating equipment manufacturer, the configuration scheme is different, the price is also different, as long as the induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and conditioning furnace, forging diathermic equipment match reasonably, the manufacturer chooses the right, It will ensure that your investment is small and your profits are higher at the later stage. If you want more specific quotation information, please contact us by telephone.

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