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Medium frequency heat treatment equipment conditioning production line

In the experience of induction heating equipment for many years, our company designs a large number of Induction hardening and tempering equipment  lines for users according to the advantages of intermediate frequency heating and combining with the traditional process. The production line is widely used in mining machinery (single pillar, suspension support, metal long beam, U-shaped steel frame π beam, etc.), petroleum machinery (oil drill pipe, drill collar, sucker pipe, etc.), steel pipe (thick wall steel pipe, stainless steel pipe), steel strand, The conditioning of steel wire, steel bar and other industry products, and make the user use the production line, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the original energy consumption by more than 20%, and establish a greater advantage for customers in the market competition.

With the increase of steel pipe product demand, how to improve the output and ensure the product quality has become the key to market competition. Rongtai is aimed at this key factor, and designs seamless steel pipe and steel strand respectively. Stainless steel welded pipe industry, used for steel pipe, steel bar conditioning, stainless steel pipe black solid melting, bright annealing and so on, this product fills in the domestic blank.

The company’s medium frequency heat treatment equipment production line adopts high efficiency combined resonance technology, adopts low inductance circuit arrangement, adopts large-scale word circuit, and adopts more comprehensive and mature protection technology. Plan a professional and effective induction heating technical scheme for users.

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Post time: 05-29-2019