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Understand Hebei FOREVER electromechanical induction heating IGBT steel pipe weld heat treatment furnace

There are many equipment that can heat treat steel pipes. The induction heating steel pipe weld heat treatment furnace provided by FOREVER Electromechanical is the standard equipment in modern heat treatment operation. It is an excellent heat treatment equipment with large production capacity, high thermal efficiency, low power consumption, high intelligence and modern heat treatment operation.

The complete system of the steel pipe weld heat treatment furnace mainly includes IGBT induction power supply, PLC control system, energy storage system, transmission system, induction heating system, quenching system, tempering induction system, far-infrared temperature measurement system and other configuration structures. Cooling tower, far-infrared temperature measurement system, power transformer and low distribution voltage radar production line can be configured according to the production needs of users. The overall structure design is reasonable and scientific, and the performance is more stable, It is an energy-saving and consumption reducing heat treatment equipment certified by the heat treatment market.

Performance parameters of FOREVER electric steel pipe weld heat treatment furnace

Equipment name: steel pipe weld heat treatment (steel pipe quenching and tempering production line / equipment)

Equipment brand: FOREVER electromechanical

Workpiece specification: > 20mm above, maximum limit

Power supply: IGBT / KGPS

Control system: PLC intelligent

Equipment capacity: set as required


Scope of application: the steel pipe heat treatment furnace is widely used in heat treatment processing in industrial fields such as construction, machinery, petroleum, mining, automobile, bridge, railway, wind power, hardware and so on</ span> <span style=”font-size:14px;”> The effect of heat treatment is remarkable. It is an ideal equipment for heat treatment and processing of metal workpieces.

Equipment features: the heat treatment equipment has a wide range of uses, simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable performance. It is an environment-friendly, cost-effective and excellent heat treatment equipment in the field of heat treatment in Colleges and universities.

FOREVER electromechanical perfect after-sales service

For a manufacturer, product quality is not only important, but also after-sales service can not be ignored, and even bring great brand effect to customers. Hebei FOREVER electromechanical attaches importance to after-sales service and provides perfect after-sales service. With a more professional manufacturing spirit and processing attitude, it provides customers with a series of services such as scheme design, equipment manufacturing and delivery, installation and adjustment, after-sales service, parts supply and technical training. Chengxin steel pipe heat treatment project and heat treatment project of other metal workpieces. FOREVER electromechanical steel pipe weld heat treatment furnace is an efficient heat treatment production line, It is a powerful guarantee for creating value and benefits.


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