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The long bar quenching furnace is a new design of high quality induction heating equipment built on the basis of environmental protection, safety and high efficiency. It is mainly applied to the industrial departments of building materials, chemicals, mines and other industries. As its structure and characteristics are more prominent, it has been highly loved by industry users since it was put into operation, which drives heat treatment industry into the golden age !

Firstly, analysis of advantages of long rod heat treatment equipment

1.Full new structural design, three-dimensional installation, saving land and reducing investment of 10000-20000USD;

2.The concept of environmental protection goes deep to ensure that the dust and noise pollution of the equipment is completely nonexistent, relieving environmental pressure and creating a green heat treatment workshop.

3.Considering safety problem, we set more devices and complete system protection device to install to avoid equipment failure due to operation problem.

4.The design of conveying roller is more scientific and fine manufactured, which is not only durable but also has longer service life to achieve high yield and high quality production;

5. The shape of metal workpiece after heat treatment is bright and beautiful, and the workpiece has good quality, good deformation, higher economic value.

6.Save energy, work more smoothly, intelligent design, which can achieve fully automatic operation.


Secondly, Introduction of the technical parameters of the long bar quenching furnace

The model of long bar quenching furnace has diversity, and the space range can be chosen by the customers. No matter what production needs you have, you can buy the Induction heat treatment furnace suitable for yourself at Forever. Almost all the Forever long bar quenching furnace is customized as per customer’s requirement such as heating efficiency, heating temperature and so on.

In a word, the use of the long bar quenching furnace has brought the better development of the heat treatment industry, and promoted the heat treatment market to enter the full age. If you want to know more information about the long bar quenching furnace or the customer site, welcome you to come to the factory at any time to understand it!

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