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Long bar induction heat treatment machine

FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. adopts a precision manufacturing production method to process and produce bar material quenching and tempering production lines. According to the national manufacturing technology standards and ISO quality management system, a comprehensive production and processing process flow for bar material quenching and tempering production line has been developed with a clear process route list, and the process route is adjusted at any time to improve quality. Control according to the actual situation to ensure that users receive high-quality products.

Long bar induction heat treatment machine

FOREVER Electromechanical sells hundreds of intermediate frequency induction tempering production lines for bar materials and induction heat treatment furnaces for steel bars to the market every year. After each induction heat treatment furnace arrives at the customer’s enterprise, the company will promptly arrange after-sales service personnel to arrive at the customer’s site for installation, debugging, guidance and training, to ensure that users obtain more reliable product quality.

The characteristics of the long bar induction heat treatment furnace :

1. Used for single line processing of bars, it is very fast and flexible. The entire line can be emptied and adjusted in just a few minutes for processing the next batch of materials, with short downtime;

2. After tempering, all sizes of bars can achieve the same processing efficiency;

3. Consistency of extremely high hardness and uniformity of microstructure;

4. No decarburization occurs during the heat treatment process of the bar material;

5. After using induction heat treatment technology, the bar material can achieve good straightness after quenching and tempering treatment.

FOREVER Electromechanical has always focused on the research, development, production, and manufacturing of equipment in the field of metal workpiece heat treatment. Because of our focus, we are professional. We can provide comprehensive customized solutions for steel induction quenching and tempering heat treatment furnaces based on customers’ actual production needs, providing customers with more detailed heat treatment services and helping them achieve the desired heat treatment results. If you have any problems with the bar material quenching and tempering production line, you can find professional engineers to solve them!


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