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long bar induction hardening tempering equipment

Our Long bar induction heat treatment system exported to Iran.

long bar induction hardening and tempering fruance Special treatment of 42CrMOA of international materials to meet the heat treatment requirements of steel bars, This production line supports steel rods up to 6500mm, The tempering hardness is controlled within the range of HRC 26-36, Meet the low-temperature impact requirements of-45 degrees, Impact power reaches the AKV 27J, And ensure that more than 90% of back-fire chordans in metallographic tissue, This steel bar heat treatment production line integrates automatic feeding system and efficient heat treatment process with rapid cooling technology, Provides a complete set of solutions, Can optimize the production efficiency of T nut and reduce the operating cost, Product quality consistency after heat treatment is ensured through continuous process optimization, Satismeets industry standards and customer requirements.

In the design ofLong bar induction heat treatment system, Forever attaches great importance to the convenience of operation and simple maintenance to meet the continuous and stable heat treatment production needs. It is equipped with control system and automation equipment to improve the work efficiency and safety.


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