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Long bar induction hardening and tempering production line-FOREVER

Forever Long bar induction hardening and tempering production line for heat treatment of steel bars, billets, slabs, wire, and pipe. Forever Long bar induction hardening and tempering production line provides temperature control and uniform heating from surface to core and head to tail of the steel material. Our Long bar induction hardening and tempering production line is highly efficient and compact; available in frequencies between 50 Hz to 6000 Hz. and power between 100 kW to 10000 kW

Long bar induction hardening and tempering production line

This induction heating system is suitable for all kinds of shafts parts induction hardening heat treatment. It replaces the traditional pit heating furnace, car-bottom type furnace. It adopts CNC control system to realize the automatic loading, heating, spray cooling, high-temperature tempering, automatic unloading of the work pieces.

Configurations and functions

Automatic loading and unloading can make your work easier and more efficient.

With multi-stage heating protection, it makes sure the temperature uniformity, at the same time, before cooling the work-piece and after tempering, the furnace with the thermo detector can measure the temperature of the bar.

PLC control system can control the heating power,heating temperature and work piece feeding speed automatically. It has the function of temperature closed loop for optional

Heating power, voltage, current, frequency, tempering power, tempering power voltage, heating feeding speed, hardening temperature, tempering temperature, etc are all designed and recorded by the system, and the technical parameters can be tracked.

The cooling pipe is made of stainless steel,which has long working life.

Work-piece rotation moving motor: frequency and speed control system

Inductor change: manual water-electricity quick coupler

The coil adopts changeable pitchofturn, high efficient and energy saving

Control cabinet: control cabinet all in one control box

alarm: Acoustic/optical fault alarm, the alarm information is displayed in the control interface and can be recorded

Inductor and water sprayer cooling connector: stainless steel/brass quick coupler

Electrical control method: PLC / touch screen +PLC


The control system can monitor and record all technical parameters, and it has the function of inquiring historic data, monitoring on line, outputting and printing, etc

With the automatic loading and unloading systems, it realizes the equipment automatic hardening and tempering, which improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost greatly.

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