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Long bar induction hardening and tempering process

The Forever Induction Heating Heat Treatment and Tempering Technology has many advantages in the  long bar hardening and tempering machine, steel pipes, bars, and plates, mainly as follows:

● Good straightness

● Low oxidation decarbonization

● Uniform heating temperature, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference, and pollution-free

● High degree of mechanization and automation

● The reliability of continuous operation is extremely strong

Long bar induction heat treatment machine

● Adapt to flexible production of continuous automated production lines

● Temperature closed-loop control system

● Customized billet heating process selection system

● 100% success rate and high reliability of startup

● Intelligent control system

● The PLC general operation control system has a good human-machine dialogue window, which can detect the operating status of the entire system equipment in real-time. Convenient and fast operation mode conversion, manual participation in adjusting power supply or operating speed can be achieved in the automatic control operation state, and the adjustment data system for manual participation will be recorded in real-time. Real time detection of the temperature change trend during the heating process can automatically distinguish the high and low heating temperatures and give an alarm. By using a thermometer, the temperature rise of each section of the workpiece during the heating process can be detected. Real time collection, recording, and storage of process control data with corresponding classification retrieval, query, and printing functions. Process data can be recorded, queried, and printed in detail by year, month, and day. (Industrial control computer) can automatically form a database for setting process heating parameters and store them for at least six months. The data can be copied for random inspection at any time. The industrial computer automatically records the collected heating temperature, generates a heating temperature time curve, and can be queried. Integrated VGA+DVI display interface, 4PCI, 6COM port, 6USB, 1PCIEX1, 1PCIEX16, 2 gigabit network cards, powerful Advantech IPC-610L/EBC-MB06/I5-2400/4G/1T industrial computer.

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