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long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace production line

FOREVER Electromechanical specializes in the production of long bar hardening and tempering furnace production line. The company adheres to the goal of customer-centered, reducing customer operating costs, improving production efficiency, and common development. FOREVER Electromechanical long steel bar heat treatment production line aims at customer needs, and achieves customer satisfaction with advanced design concepts and correct design schemes. For the long steel bar heat treatment production line project, Yuantuo Electromechanical is your trusted partner!

The factory carries out comprehensive control and inspection from the design of induction heating equipment to the production process in strict accordance with the requirements of the national electric heating equipment industry standards; Especially for electrical components, high-quality products from famous domestic manufacturers are adopted to ensure the quality and service life of long steel bar heat treatment production line.


The long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace adopts temperature closed-loop control, sets the hardening temperature and automatically adjusts the power of the medium frequency induction power supply through infrared temperature measurement (the power supply is within the adjustable range, the higher power is not more than the total power of the design power supply, and the lower power is not less than 50% of the total power of the design power supply). The long steel bar hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment realizes the online monitoring function through the touch screen, and the hardening temperature curve can be viewed in real time through the touch screen, hardening water temperature and quenching water flow and save online real-time data to the touch screen), powerful formula management system, automatically call relevant parameters after inputting the parameters of stainless steel bars to be produced, without manually recording, querying and inputting the parameter values required for various workpieces. The parameters can keep the process records of all long steel bar heat treatment production lines for decades.


Service flow of long bar heat treatment line:

1. The front-line service engineer and the second-line service technical expert provide double technical support, and are always ready to solve the problems encountered in the use of the long steel bar heat treatment production line for customers.

2. Provide customers with double free training services for technicians and induction heating equipment management and maintenance technicians to meet customer satisfaction requirements.

3. After receiving the customer’s demand, arrive at the site on time one day and night later to solve the problem for the customer.

4. The fault of induction heat treatment production line for long steel bars for hot rolling shall be handled within 48 hours.

5. We can provide more services related to induction heat treatment equipment according to customers’ personalized needs.


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