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Long bar heat treatment equipment is durable

FOREVER Electromechanical has been a senior software and hardware engineer in the field of induction heating furnace for years. He has rich experience and practice in long bar heat treatment design, process, manufacturing and management. The Long bars heat treatment equipment produced is durable. FOREVER has convenient transportation, superior environment, unique geographical location, and the strong support of many friends and users. In recent years, FOREVER has developed rapidly, has abundant funds, strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, and perfect manufacturing technology, and has been consistently recognized by customers!

For the inductor manufacturing process of long bar heat treatment equipment, the ratio of inductor coil inner diameter to billet outer diameter is within a reasonable range, which is designed according to the process parameters provided by users. The inductor coil is made of large cross-section T2 rectangular copper tube after annealing treatment, and then is wound, pickled, hydrostatic test, baked, mica tape, etc. After multiple insulation, drying, knotting, assembly and other major processes, it is fixed as a whole. The whole inductor is made into a cuboid, with good vibration resistance and integrity. Both ends of the inductor are protected by water-cooled furnace mouth copper plate, which can effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation from harming operators. The equipment has a durable life of more than 5 years.


Durability and delivery period of steel long bar heat treatment equipment:

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical meticulously designs stable steel long bar heat treatment equipment that meets customer requirements, and strives to win with customers.

(1) According to the actual needs of customers, the power level configuration of the steel long bar heat treatment equipment is provided.

(2) Design and manufacture according to customers’ needs, and provide customers with stable and durable steel long bar heat treatment equipment production line design process.

(3) Train relevant technicians for customers to master the operation process of steel long bar heat treatment equipment.

(4) The company sends engineering technicians to the user’s site for free to design processes and schemes for users. And assign senior technicians to assist customers in designing and installing steel long bar heat treatment equipment.

(5) During the sales process, the production process of the equipment shall be tracked at all times. While ensuring the quality of the long bar hardening and tempering furnace, the equipment shall be delivered to the user’s site free of charge according to the signing date of the contract. The delivery date is generally 20-60 days according to the size of the equipment.

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