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Long bar hardening and tempering heat treatment furnace

When installing the medium frequency furnace for long bar hardening and tempering furnace on site, attention should be paid to:

1. Firstly, it is necessary to check whether the accessories and vulnerable parts of the intermediate frequency equipment are complete according to the packing list, and at the same time, count the number of intermediate frequency equipment pieces to ensure that the goods are complete. Secondly, it is also necessary to check whether the electrical insulation of the intermediate frequency furnace is good and reliable.


2. Pour the foundation according to the foundation drawing of the Induction hardening and tempering equipment heat treatment equipment. After the foundation solidifies, place the intermediate frequency furnace firmly on it, and check the levelness of the working surface of the intermediate frequency furnace with a level gauge. The deviation in length should not exceed 0.3 millimeters per 1 OOO millimeter.

3. After correcting the level of the intermediate frequency equipment for bar material tempering and heat treatment, install the anchor bolts, pour concrete into the square holes, and wait for the concrete to fully solidify before starting.

4. Connect the circuit and circulating cooling water circuit of the intermediate frequency furnace to ensure that the circuit connection meets the installation manual requirements of the intermediate frequency furnace, and ensure that the water circuit is free from leakage and water seepage.

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