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Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Automatic intelligent IGBT frequency conversion energy saving induction heating power supply control induction heating furnace, quenching heat treatment equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, such as steel bar conditioning equipment, steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heat treatment quenching equipment, plate quenching heat treatment equipment, steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, threaded steel heat treatment production line and many other induction heating equipment.

The characteristics of automatic intelligent IGBT frequency conversion and energy saving power supply are as follows:

1, technical parameters: 100kW ≤ 2000kW, 0.2kHz ≤ 50kHz, power factor > 0.95.

2. Application fields: rolling heating, billet reheating, quenching and tempering production line, quenching heat treatment, forging heat permeability and so on.

3, frequency conversion adaptive: the adaptive range is 0.2kHz ≤ 50kHz. after process adjustment and load change, there is no need to open the cabinet door to adjust the power supply without manual intervention, the power supply frequency is automatically followed, and the optimal resonant frequency is automatically hopping to the load.

4. Variable load adaptation: after process adjustment and load change, the power supply and load automatically match to the best working state to achieve high production efficiency, quality consistency and equipment reliability.

5, automatic power regulation: stepless regulation range 10% ≤ 99%. The power and temperature connection of remote automatic digital IGBT frequency conversion induction power supply is very strong, and the accurate and stable control of heating temperature is realized by automatic power and temperature control system.

6, high power factor: under the condition of arbitrary load matching, 10% ≤ 100% power output, the power factor is greater than 0.95, and there is no need for a separate power compensation device, which not only reduces the investment of equipment, but also makes the user reduce the expenditure of electricity bill, improve the power supply capacity, reduce the high order harmonics and improve the power quality. 7, any load (no load / full load), any temperature (cold / hot state) 0.2 seconds fast start, high start success rate, repetition accuracy 0.1%.

8. There are three closed-loop control modes, constant power / constant temperature / constant current, which can be switched at will.

9, the power supply can adapt to a variety of incoming voltage (380V / 575V / 660V).


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