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It is also important to choose the quenching temperature of the quench treatment line of steel bar.

Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Technology Center shares for you how the medium frequency heat treatment equipment of steel bar quality treatment line is how to choose quenching temperature: the life medium frequency induction heating equipment in the heating area of the workpiece is larger, the power supply is small, Scanning quenching is often used. In this case, the calculation of heating area A refers to the area contained by the inductor, the same power density, the required power supply is small, the equipment investment cost is low, so it is suitable for small batch production.

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The quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment of steel rod has a certain range of quenching heating temperature for every kind of steel grade. Only by heating and quenching in this temperature range can satisfactory microstructure and properties be obtained. When the heating rate is constant, if the quenching temperature is lower than the optimum temperature, because the phase transition is incomplete, the hot state structure is austenite plus ferrite or austenite with spherulite. The microstructure after quenching is martensite plus ferrite or martensite with pearlite, and the hardness will decrease. If the heating temperature of quenching is higher than the optimum temperature, the hot austenite grain will grow up, and the medium or coarse needle martensite will be obtained after quenching, and if the quenching temperature is higher than the optimum temperature, the austenitic grain of hot state will grow up. In the case of high carbon steel, retained austenite will appear, resulting in a decrease in surface hardness.

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