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Is there any bar heat treatment furnace for environmental protection? Induction heating meets you!

Is there any bar heat treatment furnace for environmental protection? Induction heating meets you!

Healthy natural environment is the premise of improving our quality of life. The hot metal workpiece heat treatment industry provides a large number of high-quality metal billets for various fields. With the aggravation of industrial, agricultural and manufacturing pollution, the air, water quality, soil and other resources are destroyed, and the natural ecological balance is impacted. In order to improve the environment of heat treatment processing site and change the “dust flying” needs to advocate the use of environmentally friendly heat treatment, high-performance bar heat treatment furnace will help the heat treatment industry against the attack, promote the development of green heat treatment!

Dust flying down the work not only affects the operator’s health, but also may be complain from the surrounding residents due to noise and dust pollution problems, so we need more environmentally friendly heat treatment equipment. It is also very necessary for the state to make more and more stringent investigations on environmental protection, and for the harmonious development of the whole natural ecology and society. For the metal bar heat treatment enterprises, they must improve the environmental protection configuration, reduce the impact of production on the environment and the surrounding residents in order to survive in this society.

High-performance induction heat treatment equipment is the capital of the heat treatment factory. High-performance steel bar induction heating furnace has more wear-resistant material after heat treatment and welding. It adopts the principle of medium frequency electromagnetic induction. The process is reliable and the heating efficiency is higher at the same time. It can also ensure the heating quality of carbon steel is reliable.

The whole induction heat treatment equipment has high degree of automation, saving labor costs, compact production line structure, saving floor area, workpiece transportation speed can be adjusted to improve production efficiency, after reasonable and effective dust removal and noise reduction optimization, a large amount of electricity costs can be saved a year.


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