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Introduction to Plate Heat Treatment Production Line

The induction plate heat treatment furnace is currently a commonly used metal plate heat treatment production line, which uses non-contact induction heating to quenching, tempering and other heat treatments on steel plates, bulldozer engineering blade plates and other plates, in order to meet the requirements of the heat treatment process. This device has the characteristics of high automation, fast heating speed, stable heating temperature, high utilization rate of sheet metal, and energy conservation and environmental protection.

Characteristics of Steel plate induction heat treatment furnace

1. Feeding system: track+power double clamp, each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, controlled by an independent frequency converter, flexibly designed with speed difference output, and segmented control of operating speed.

2. Dao Electric Isolation: In response to the problem of workpiece and stick track ignition caused by high-frequency equipment, we have designed a sturdy and durable roller track electric isolation system, completely solving the problem of workpiece ignition damage.

3. Industrial control computer system: Real time display of the status of working parameters, workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and other functions.

4. Formula management function: A powerful formula management system that automatically calls up relevant parameters after selecting the steel grade and plate type parameters to be produced, eliminating the need for manual recording, querying, and inputting of parameter values required for various workpieces.


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