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Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment composition, so that the investment is more cost-effective

According to the different processing requirements, a set of Medium frequency heating equipment can be composed of different equipment. In order to invest in intermediate frequency heating furnace, we need to proceed from the actual situation, fully investigate the working conditions, combined with the demand of finished products, then, what equipment does a set of Induction heat treatment equipment contain, how to invest is more cost-effective?

First, the structure of the whole induction heating equipment is a kind of equipment for metal heat treatment processing, which is mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, material storage rack, induction heating system, transportation system and control system. Because the metal heat treatment equipment also belongs to non-standard custom products, the manufacturer also provides far infrared thermometer, cooling tower, automatic feeding, blanking mechanism and other optional accessories. Users can create a set of exclusive metal heating equipment.

Second, how to invest more cost-effective when configuring medium frequency induction heating equipment?

1, complete set purchase: the complete set purchase is more cost-effective than the individual purchase, and it saves the transportation cost more, the coordination of the production line is stronger, and the later maintenance and maintenance matters are more convenient.

2, choose the equipment according to the demand: never configure the redundant equipment, configure the intermediate frequency heating furnace according to the demand, can reduce the unnecessary cost, this, Professional manufacturers will help users solve!

3, choose energy-saving, environmental-friendly equipment: energy-saving equipment can help users save a large amount of electricity costs, environmental-friendly equipment can make your heat treatment plant open smoothly, seriously polluted equipment, sooner or later will be banned.

4, pay attention to manufacturers after-sale: after-sale timely, perfect can help users save costs, improve revenue, after-sale is not timely, not only affect production, It will also lead to the decline of the life of intermediate frequency heating equipment, greatly increasing the cost of maintenance and maintenance.

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