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Installation of aluminum heating furnace and analysis and elimination of common faults.

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Points for attention when installing aluminium heating furnace:

1. The three-phase power line should be selected according to the technical parameters of the current according to the electrical specifications, grounding wire should be selected ≥ 10 mm2 copper wire, to ensure reliable connection, and regular inspection of whether there is a phenomenon of shedding or loosening.

2. Aluminum heating furnace must be water (2? 3 minutes) and then power-up to ensure clean water source and water temperature.

3. When the heating furnace is in normal operation, it is forbidden to open the door of the power supply cabinet and the insulation plate of the furnace body; it is strictly forbidden to touch the wire terminals inside and outside the equipment of the aluminum heating furnace! To avoid electrocution.

4. The power adjusting knob should be set to the lowest counterclockwise before the induction heating equipment is turned on, and the clockwise adjusting knob should be adjusted to the right position slowly after the heating is started. The current should be adjusted according to different aluminum materials and process requirements.

5. When replacing the inductor in the aluminium heating furnace, the power supply must be cut off and the induction heating equipment must be cut off. The indicator value of the DC voltmeter for the panel is 0 before it can be operated.

6. If the aluminum heating furnace equipment needs to be maintained or overhauled, it must stop working and disconnect the power supply, and wait until the DC voltmeter pointer is lowered to the lowest before it can proceed!

7. Other aluminum induction heating equipment unfinished items please contact the remote electromechanical technical personnel directly!

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