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Inductor, the Core component of Induction heating equipment

Hebei FOREVER is a well-known manufacturer of Medium frequency heating equipment , providing users with high-quality fully automatic induction heating equipment. FOREVER has been engaged in induction heating and heat treatment for more than 10 years. Now it has become a well-known high-tech enterprise which integrates research, development, production and sales. The company is located in the world famous “acrobatic hometown” Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, the superiority of geographical location, promote the company’s certain development.

long bar induction heater

Sensor manufacturing

1. Forming, hand tapping, bending, wire cutting, turning, milling, saw, machining center, drill, casting. Joint form, 45 °miter. Casing connection. Lap up.

2. Welding, oxygen welding has purple copper welding, brass welding, silver welding, phosphorus copper welding.

3. Surface treatment, sand blasting, washing with nitric acid.

4. Calibration platform, box, height ruler, rubber hammer.

5. Sensor leakage test and flow detection. The leakage test pressure of the inductor should be higher than the working pressure of the inductor, which is usually 1.5 times pressure. The flow rate of the inductor is measured under the working pressure, which is greater than the rated flow rate designed. 0.8-1.2MPA is the working pressure, and finally, The inductor also has to test the machine, the power from small to large time from short to long, and according to the test results to carry on the rectification.


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