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Induction heating equipment with stable Direct Marketing performance

Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialized in the research and development of modern enterprises producing induction heating equipment, the main production of induction heating equipment are: steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, Steel bar quenching furnace, steel tube quenching furnace, billet heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel tube heating furnace, aluminum bar heating furnace, steel pipe tempering production line, drill pipe tempering heat treatment equipment, etc., the equipment performance is stable, energy saving and environmental protection are high, production efficiency is high. Remote induction heating equipment export at home and abroad, the strength of the factory, thousands of production lines video cases for your reference, welcome to the factory inspection!

The characteristics of remote induction heating equipment controlled by IGPT induction heating power supply are as follows:

1, high power, low frequency, good heat permeability, high heating speed and high production efficiency;

2, using voltage feedback series resonant circuit and IGBT frequency conversion, the conversion efficiency is up to 95%;

3, the induction heating equipment has the function of automatic frequency tracking, and it can always ensure the high power factor in the whole process, no matter the output power, the power factor is always greater than 0.9;

4, IGPT induction heating power supply is more than 30% energy saving compared with SCR medium frequency induction heating power supply, and it can be started successfully under any load;

5, induction heating equipment full touch screen control system, pure digital setting, with perfect process records and strict grade authority;

6, low harmonic components, small impact on the power grid, strong anti-interference ability;

7, induction heating equipment equipped with complete protection circuit, high reliability;

8Compared with other traditional heating methods, heating workpiece has less oxide layer, can improve the quality of workpiece processing, save energy and raw materials, be easy to realize mechanization, automation and flowing water production, lighten labor intensity and improve production environment;

9, the cabinet uses T2 copper row, sand blasting, passivation treatment, low leakage sense, anti-oxidation, effective reduction of line loss;


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