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The domestic induction heating furnace  industry has experienced many years of development, the overall production strength has made considerable progress, technology, innovation and most international Electric induction heating furnace manufacturers have been little different, but in the whole induction heating equipment industry is still criticized by many customers, has been crowned the title of low-end brand, of course, customers have long been caused by misunderstandings of domestic manufacturing. In addition, there is also an important reason for the overall efficiency of domestic tubing heating furnace, and the stability of the equipment is still different from that of foreign brand equipment, and the fundamental reason for these gaps lies in some details of the production and manufacture of hot rolled steel pipe equipment.

Different from the foreign brands in the processing and production of intermediate frequency heating equipment, most domestic induction heating equipment manufacturers in the actual production of the standard is almost good, this hole processing is a little bit, that selected steel quality is also a little poor, then the whole intermediate frequency heating equipment production has a great performance difference, especially the overall performance and service life of the machine will be greatly affected. And many times it is these less noticeable details, parts affect the use of customers and brand reputation in the market. The same is true of the service, many times it is not the hot rolled steel pipe equipment company’s service mode, the method has the problem, but in the service detail, such as a subtle action, appearance or speech, the service timeliness and so on, these seemingly trivial small details, but enough to arouse the customer’s aversion. Therefore, if heating equipment enterprises really want to win customers must really do a good job of details to ensure quality and service, in order to really win the market praise.

Induction heating equipment as a 24-hour tubing heating furnace production line, manufacturers pay attention to every detail in the design and production, because any detail directly affects the safety, efficiency and actual production benefits of customers. Only if we really grasp every detail well, can we really get the favor of customers.


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