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Induction heating equipment is the correct choice for metal heat treatment!

In the past, non-ferrous metals, machinery manufacturing, automobile, military industry and other industries for metal work-piece processing used for oil furnace, natural gas furnace, resistance furnace and other heat treatment equipment, this kind of traditional Electric induction heating furnace heat energy consumption is large, but the heating efficiency is very low, and has serious pollution to the environment. With the development of production technology and the strict requirements of the country for energy saving and consumption reduction and environmental protection, the traditional heating equipment can no longer meet the production demand. Now, the equipment strongly advocated is induction heating equipment. Compared with the traditional heating equipment, there is no doubt that the induction heating equipment is more suitable for today’s national policy.

1.The structure of the whole induction heating furnace is compact, the mechatronics design is adopted, the volume is less than 1 / 2 of the traditional flame furnace, a lot of space is saved for the user, the full load of the equipment is more than 99%, and it can be produced continuously 24 hours a day to meet the requirements of high output of users.

2, the equipment adopts IGBT frequency conversion and power regulation, and the design has omni-directional protection function. The heating speed of metal workpiece heated by medium frequency heating furnace is fast and time is short, so a small amount of oxide scale and burning loss are produced on the surface of workpiece. Compared with the burning loss rate of 3% of traditional heating equipment, the quality of heat treatment workpiece is higher, which saves the cost for users.

3, and the degree of automation is high. The automatic feeding and automatic discharge inspection device can be selected for automatic unattended operation, and the automatic unattended operation can be realized with the special control software of our company.

4, the equipment composition and configuration of diothermic equipment are generally composed of intermediate frequency power supply, electrothermal capacitance, induction furnace body and inlet, discharge transmission device and temperature measuring equipment. The automatic control also includes PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface or industrial control computer system, industrial control configuration software and all kinds of sensors.

5. With the unique electric heating principle, the induction heating furnace does not produce waste gas, waste smoke and dust pollution in the heat treatment production process, and does not cause high temperature influence on the surrounding of the workshop, improve the working conditions of the workshop and improve the labor enthusiasm of the workers.


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