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Induction heating equipment installation inside information, understand these points save a lot

For steel bar induction heating furnace , correct and appropriate installation can not only reduce the damage to equipment in the production process, but also improve the working quality of intermediate frequency heating equipment, so the installation of equipment is particularly important. Based on this, the following will take the induction heating furnace as an example, and the matters needing attention in the installation of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment will be introduced in detail as follows:

First, pay attention to the installation of induction heating equipment key points 1, pay attention to the choice of installation site. First, it should be flat, wide and convenient for transportation. Second, it is necessary to be firm to ensure that the intermediate frequency heating equipment does not shake back and forth, affecting the production quality. 2, pay attention to the number of metal heat treatment furnace parts before installation. The main purpose of this is to avoid less loading, missing a fitting, delay the process of installation of induction heating equipment. 3, pay attention to the lubrication work of the whole machine. Because good lubrication is the key to improve the life of intermediate frequency heating equipment, it is suggested that users should be careful and comprehensive in installation, and the choice of components and oil products should be taken.

2. How to correctly install the induction heating equipment, first, be good at applying the installation instructions of the induction heating equipment. The equipment of each medium-frequency heating equipment manufacturer is different, so it is more important to find the installation method on the network according to the instruction when the metal heat treatment furnace is installed. Secondly, the structure characteristics of the induction heating equipment are known. Through the master of the working principle of the intermediate frequency heating equipment, the structure characteristics of the metal heat treatment furnace are further understood, so that the induction heating equipment can be provided with a larger heating energy efficiency through the installation. And finally, the installation sequence of the intermediate-frequency heating equipment is clear. Only a clear understanding of the installation sequence of the metal heat treatment furnace can be carried out in an orderly manner when the installation work of the induction heating equipment is carried out, and the inconvenience caused by the installation sequence can be effectively avoided.


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