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Induction heating equipment heating efficiency is high, performance has advantages!

With the rapid development of domestic steel slab induction heating system, the level of domestic equipment has been very close to the international high level. Especially in recent years, the very popular Induction heat treatment equipment , by virtue of the unique heating mode-electromagnetic induction principle, heat treatment of metal work-piece, heat directly generated from the metal work-piece, no longer the traditional heating equipment through heat transfer heating, reduce the loss of heat in the air, heating efficiency as high as 95%.

The following introduces the performance advantages of induction heating equipment:

1, slab heating furnace equipped with new IGBT intermediate frequency power supply combined with advanced frequency conversion technology, with a unique cooling system, can ensure 24-hour high-power continuous operation of the equipment, improve user production efficiency.

2, intermediate frequency heating equipment according to the size and shape of the user work-piece customized to ensure uniform heating temperature of the work-piece, small temperature difference between the core table; And equipped with high precision temperature control system, the original infrared thermometer real-time on-line monitoring of work-piece heating temperature, heating temperature is more reliable.

3, heating open fire, induction heating equipment electromagnetic induction principle, greatly improve the safety of equipment use, greatly reduce the casualties caused by careless operation and the incidence of enterprise accidents;

4, there is no pollution in environmental protection, according to the needs of users, the slab heating furnace is equipped with cooling system, which reduces the physical injury of personnel, reduces the pollution of environmental protection, and avoids the inability to start production because of environmental protection problems.

5, the details determine the success or failure of production, strictly check each device, do a good job of every detail, and avoid the instability of slab heating furnace caused by the mismatch of the device.


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