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Induction heating equipment for metal heat treatment is more energy-saving!

In the field of heat treatment, traditional Electric induction heating furnace has come to an end. Environmental protection heating equipment and production technology emerge as the times require. Energy saving and environmental protection . Metal heat treatment furnace integrates environmental protection, intelligence and energy saving. It is a common heating equipment for mining metal at present, which meets the requirements of users for high speed, high quality and low cost. Under the condition of very serious environmental protection in the field of heat treatment, Metal heat treatment furnace can also capture the heart of a mass user!

First, the “intelligent” type of medium frequency metal heating furnace of metal heat treatment equipment has been used to reduce the noise and reduce the influence of production on the people around it. At the same time, the furnace body has also been optimized by environmental protection design, which adopts sealing design to reduce the generation of dust, reduce the flying dust, and cause environmental pollution in the workshop. Metal heat treatment furnace has high environmental protection performance and meets the requirements.

Second, the intermediate frequency metal heating equipment is equipped with power saving, energy saving and small energy quenching equipment, which is directly provided by the induction heating equipment manufacturer. According to the production requirements of the user, the power supply is configured to ensure that the power is suitable to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the low carbon operation is realized. The new air-cooled IGBT energy-saving power supply is developed by the manufacturer at present, and the energy-saving effect is good.

Third, the advantages of on-site operation of metal heat treatment equipment are prominent. Fast change structure design:

1.if the user produces work-piece size range is large, medium frequency metal heating furnace is equipped with a variety of corresponding specifications of induction heating furnace body, the furnace body adopts water and electricity rapid replacement joint design, reduce standby time and improve user production efficiency;

2. Strong automatic production technology: equipped with automatic feeding and blanking mechanism, at the same time, the whole set of intermediate frequency metal heating equipment adopts PLC and touch screen as control system, the equipment automation production capacity is strong, and can be produced online with other heating equipment, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

3. Precision temperature control quality assurance: metal heat treatment furnace equipped with high precision temperature system for on-line real-time temperature measurement of metal work-piece heating, if the work-piece heating temperature is different from the system setting, will automatically adjust the power supply to ensure the heating quality of the work-piece. To the extent that it is not possible to make a difference between the two groups.


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