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Induction heating devices attract users not only shape, but also quality!

Induction heating equipment is a self-developed heating equipment for Metal heat treatment developed by remote Electronics. Many users who have seen this device will be attracted by its atmospheric, exquisite and superior appearance. In fact, Not only does this metal heat treatment furnace look high-end, but also its intrinsic performance is quite impressive, advanced, and users who have used it are deeply impressed by it.

The performance advantages of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, easy operation and easy maintenance, induction heating equipment is a kind of metal heating equipment with very simple operation, the structure has been optimized and improved repeatedly, and the mechanical and electrical integration structure design is adopted at present. The whole set of equipment internal structure is compact, the performance is stable, the processing efficiency. More convenient for maintenance and day-to-day inspection, the higher degree of automation, can save manpower, material investment costs.

2, stable and reliable, durable long-distance electromechanical production experience of more than 10 years, medium-frequency heating furnace production technology mature, All the materials have been treated with wear resistance, the parts configuration is mature and reliable, the wear rate is low, and the service life of the metal heating equipment is improved. The operation process is relatively safe and reliable, can be suitable for the harsh environment to operate efficiently, adaptability is more flexible, durable.

3, high yield and high efficiency, low carbon environmental protection induction heating equipment is a collection of materials, transportation, heating, The metal heat treatment furnace with the functions of blanking and other functions and the integrated structural design can form a continuous production line of its own. The automation of the equipment is high, which is conducive to the improvement of the production efficiency of the enterprise.


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