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Induction heating back converter

The Induction heating furnace utilizes the rotation of the internal screw of the rotating drum to make the parts advance at a constant speed and continuously roll, so that the parts are heated uniformly and in contact with the protective atmosphere, so that the heat treatment for the small-sized parts produced in mass production is an ideal device. It is widely used in the bearing industry.


The Electric induction heating furnace has the advantages of

1, due to the adoption of induction heating, the heat is generated in the rotating drum itself, higher power density is generated than the external heating, the temperature gradient of the rotary cylinder wall is small, a large amount of heat can be quickly obtained, and

2, a temperature control transformer with a ratio is adopted, Therefore, the temperature control reaction is fast and accurate,

3, no pollution caused by the combustion chamber and the combustion product,

4, the temperature of the outer wall of the furnace is low, the energy loss is small, and the operation is convenient. Because the induction heating efficiency is 80%, the gas heating is only 20%, the water-cooling loss of the integrated inductor and the gas heating cost are low, and the thermal efficiency is still 53% and 54%.

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