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induction heat treatment furnace for 45 steel

Harbin customer customized 45 steel has been installed, and the test run is stable. Good news has been sent back from colleagues who are on business in Harbin! Through the hard work and efforts of the installation team over the past few days, a complete set of 45 steel  Induction heat treatment production line  ordered by Harbin customers has been completed, and has been officially put into production after the customer acceptance. The high-quality 45 steel induction heat treatment production line quality, stable operation and professional installation technology and service are highly recognized by customers.


Features of 45 steel Induction heat treatment furnace:

1. It has strong stability and high safety, and can replace the manual operation environment, such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, dust, noise, odor, radioactive or other toxic pollution and narrow working space, etc., to realize automatic feeding and unloading, and avoid the safety accidents caused by manual operation.

2. The operation interface and product appearance of 45 steel heat treatment production line are designed according to human body function. It adopts man-machine interface and PLC operating system, high-performance AC servo drive, uniform heating, stable operation, and real-time monitoring during operation.

3. 45 steel heat treatment production line can change induction heater according to different heating process of customers.

4. Through PLC acquisition and connection of electromagnetic induction heating furnace main file on the dead point signal, drive all induction heating furnace, induction heating equipment synchronous action.

5. Save labor and reduce labor cost. Automatic production line, can work continuously. Improve production capacity and stabilize product quality. The quality of heat treatment line 45 is stable.

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