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How to judge the production line of quenched and tempered heat treatment?

The judgment of the production line of Quenching and tempering furnace :

1. We usually classify the heat treatment production lines as follows: 60KW for one class, 80KW for one class, 160KW for one class, 200KW for more than one class, and different categories to some extent represent the technical level of the manufacturer.

2. the method of judging the resonant mode of heating system: series resonant mode, the electric power factor is high, even as high as 98%. In parallel resonant mode, the power factor is low, and the highest is only 60%. When purchasing quenched and tempered heat treatment production line, it is important to select induction heating equipment with series resonant heating mode. Otherwise buy a “electric tiger” back, will cause affordable, can not afford the awkward situation.

3, the judgment of frequency tracking technology: frequency tracking technology is related to the heating speed, loss and equipment stability, is the core technology of induction heating equipment.

4. Judging the power regulation mode: the common ways to adjust the power are: frequency modulation, phase shift, voltage regulation and power regulation. These methods will affect the stress of the IGBT switch, damage the IGBT and affect the life when the power regulation depth is large. A new type of power regulation method should be chosen. Fifthly, judge the quality of transformer: the quality of transformer is intuitionistic and obvious: a good choice of magnetic materials.

5, select large magnetic materials. The amount of copper used in the three-selection process.

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