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How to choose and purchase high quality induction heating equipment?

In the development of economy, the proportion of industrial development is large. With the rapid economic growth in recent years, industry is more and more pursuing towards high quality development. Therefore, Induction heat treatment equipment , of course, also needs high quality Heat treatment furnace in order to achieve high quality finished products and improve market competitiveness.

First, what is high quality induction heating equipment? The main characteristics of high quality intermediate frequency heating equipment are as follows:

1, quality clearance, strong compressive capacity of each part, wear resistance, reasonable coordination, reliable operation of the whole system.

2, strong production capacity, high heating efficiency.

3, energy saving and consumption reduction, low pollution, low noise.

4, to achieve the sustainable development of the heat treatment industry, small investment, large return.

Second, why the development of high-quality induction heating equipment can not be separated from high-quality metal heating equipment, not only because of the strong production capacity of high-quality induction heating equipment, but also because the equipment has significant environmental protection performance, because of its use of electrothermal processing, electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy, the processing process will not produce waste gas, waste smoke and dust and other substances that pollute the environment, the production of environmental protection processing; At the same time, the quality of high quality induction heating equipment is reliable, the equipment is equipped with high precision closed loop temperature control system for heat treatment, the processing temperature of work-piece is detected in real time, and the power of power supply is automatically adjusted by the system.

Third, how to select high quality induction heating equipment not only reasonable investment, but also increase income, how to choose high quality induction heating equipment, there are the following main points:

1, select direct selling type, regular manufacturer, there is no difference among this kind of manufacturer, the price of high quality metal heating equipment is reasonable.

2, choose steel rod heat treatment furnace with up to standard quality. Don’t buy some second-hand equipment because the price is cheap.

3, it is suggested to visit the manufacturers of high quality induction heating equipment directly to understand the process of equipment from material selection to processing.

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