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How to choose a suitable steel pipe quenching furnace?

Steel pipe in our production, life everywhere! Because of the different application range of steel pipe, it is sometimes necessary to quench the steel pipe to change the physical properties of the steel pipe and increase the wear resistance of the steel pipe. Therefore, Heating furnace for steel pipe hardening and tempering  has become an indispensable metal heat treatment equipment for steel pipe manufacturers! What should be considered in purchasing steel pipe quenching furnace?

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What should be considered in purchasing steel pipe quenching furnace? It is a problem that every customer who wants to buy steel pipe quenching furnace is concerned about. In order to help more customers solve the problem, we summarize it as follows:

first, it depends on the workpiece size of steel pipe manufacturer, such as pipe diameter, material, wall thickness, length, production beat and so on. Then according to the actual needs of customers customized production to meet customer needs of steel pipe quenching furnace.

Second, look at the steel pipe manufacturer’s production workshop, on the spot look at the equipment installation workshop, according to the actual situation to design the steel pipe quenching furnace scheme. Third, according to the economic situation, it is necessary to make a comprehensive understanding of the performance and market price of steel pipe quenching furnace.


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