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How to choose a suitable heating furnace for continuous casting?

The Billet continuous casting production line is provided by Yuantuo Electromechanical Professional. The continuous casting billet heating furnace is mainly aimed at raising and heating the steel billet. This production line is mainly composed of a medium frequency power supply, heating sensors, automatic feeding devices, pressure roller rapid discharge devices, infrared temperature measurement devices, and a central control console. By matching different sensors, it is possible to heat the steel billets, meet the process requirements for heating mixing and radial and axial temperature differences, and achieve insulation and material waiting, and automatically record the temperature of each steel billet.

How to choose a suitable continuous casting billet induction heating furnace? Mainly consider from several aspects:

1. The shape and size of the heated workpiece, as well as the size of the workpiece, bar material, and solid material, should use induction heating equipment with relatively high power and low frequency;

2. The depth and area that need to be heated, the heating depth is deep, the area is large, and for overall heating, induction heating equipment with high power and low frequency should be selected; Heating depth is shallow, area is small, local heating is required, and induction heating equipment with relatively low power and high frequency is selected.

3. The required heating speed should be fast, and induction heating equipment with relatively high power and frequency should be selected.

4. The continuous working time of the continuous casting steel heating furnace is long, and induction heating equipment with slightly higher power is relatively selected.

5. For the connection distance between the sensing components and the equipment, which is long and even requires the use of water-cooled cables, relatively high-power induction heating equipment should be selected.

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