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How to choose a good steel bar induction furnace?

What kind of steel bar induction furnace is good? According to the market and user survey, the most popular induction heating equipment manufacturers rank high.

Hebei FOREVER group. Why is the steel bar induction heat treatment furnace so popular among FOREVER electromechanical manufacturers? The editor in chief is mainly responsible for technology and perfect clothing.

Transaction, from the user’s point of view. So what aspect of steel bar induction heating furnace will users pay attention to? What has FOREVER done in this aspect?

Try? Users are concerned about the control of steel bar sensor.

It is very important for steel bar induction heating furnace manufacturers. If the heating effect is poor and the hardness of the steel bar cannot meet the requirements, pig iron will be.

Waste generated in the production process, resulting in losses. FOREVER electromechanical adopts technology upgrading, the control system adopts full-color screen and steel bar induction control.

The melting point of furnace treated metal is better.


Second, the user pays attention to the environmental problems to be solved by the steel bar sensor.

Environmental protection has become the mainstream topic of today’s era, and compliance with environmental protection policies is the premise of enterprises.

Induction heat treatment furnace for steel, environmental protection.

Is there FOREVER Electromechanical, on the basis of China’s traditional inductive heating equipment, drawing lessons from foreign advanced technology and adopting hydraulic transmission production device, so as to achieve environmental protection, energy saving, efficient production and no noise pollution in the processing process!


Third, the induction of steel should be solved by the heat treatment furnace manufacturer.

The quality of steel bar heat treatment furnace is guaranteed, and users must consider the manufacturer’s qualification and service. Regular manufacturers,

How about after-sales service? FOREVER electromechanical manufacturer is a formal manufacturer registered by the industry and commerce. It has an independent manufacturer and can undertake the import business.

Export industry. With good reputation, it is a reliable manufacturer of Kaiping shear line. FOREVER electromechanical has a very mature technical team.

Have good team spirit and can provide customers with perfect after-sales service in time. For non-human damage, all products are guaranteed for one year and use for life.

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