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How should heat treatment steel bar equipment manufacturer choose?

Select a supplier of heat-treated steel bar equipment based on the following:

1, look at the size of the steel bar induction heating furnace supplier: although the larger the supplier, the better, but since ancient times, the shop has been deceiving customers, the financial costs of large manufacturers and personnel management costs are high, resulting in the same quality of product prices are higher than medium-sized manufacturers, In terms of scale, although the scale of some manufacturers is in a weak position, however, although the size is small, the steel bar heat treatment production line of large manufacturers is complex in personnel, especially in enterprises with state-owned joint-stock systems, and there are more production equipment. However, poor daily maintenance often results in uneven product quality and process control in the production line, and the equipment of the steel bar heat treatment furnace is often damaged, and there are more managers. In the event of failure of induction heating equipment, many processes need to be taken, which will certainly cause delays in shipping, delay the use of customers, and the medium-sized manufacturers are in a rising state, and any customer, regardless of size, has an extremely important position in the eyes of the medium-sized manufacturers. Medium-sized induction heating equipment, heat treatment production line manufacturers are properly maintained on the equipment, the personnel are relatively easy to manage, the process control is more rigorous, the induction heating equipment produced, the steel bar heat treatment equipment is not inferior to the large-scale manufacturers, Some manufacturers may say that this or that kind of belittling competitors language or articles, but respect competitors is respect for themselves, any product is not the best, nor better, only seeking truth from facts, suitable for themselves is the best.

2. Look at the raw materials of the steel bar heat treatment furnace supplier. If the raw materials of the supplier do not have material proof, you can never buy them. Because he must be small manufacturers to buy the inspection aspects are not necessarily standardized. The price of raw materials of small manufacturers is lower than that of regular manufacturers, the price of components is also relatively low, do not know whether to meet certain standards, is affecting the service life of steel rod heat treatment furnace

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