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How much is the investment cost of medium frequency induction heating furnace? Is it expensive?

Medium frequency induction heating furnace is an industrial equipment for heating metal workpieces such as rebar, steel bar, steel billet, steel tube, steel bar, etc., steel bar, screw steel, billet and other metal parts are used in: buildings, bridges, etc., after heating treatment, metal parts such as steel bars, steel billets, etc. Railway and other industries.

1. what is the cost of the medium frequency induction heating furnace?

So to invest in steel bar heating equipment, rebar heating furnace, rebar heating equipment, steel tube heating equipment and other intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, what is the cost? Investment in medium frequency induction heating furnace is not only the price of an inductor, but also the steel frame structure of fixed equipment, feeding equipment, conveying equipment, as well as the main rolling mill, forging press and so on. Therefore, to understand the cost of medium-frequency induction heating equipment, we must first understand the actual production needs, according to the actual needs to select and purchase how much feeder, several conveyors, what type of sensors, and so on. After understanding the customer’s actual needs, the manufacturer can recommend the appropriate equipment and list the price.

2. Is the medium frequency induction heating furnace expensive?

Is it expensive to invest in medium-frequency induction heating equipment by choosing Hebei FOREVER Mechatronics to be more affordable? In addition to combining your actual selection, but also depends on the cooperation of manufacturers. For example, Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Factory, a professional, large-scale metal induction heating equipment manufacturer, with strong strength and large scale, can design production schemes for customers free of charge, provide complete models and specifications of induction heating equipment, and the equipment quality is good. Price economic benefits, and perfect after-sales service, such manufacturers cooperation is more reliable, both before, in, and after the guarantee. In Hebei Yuantuo mechanical and electrical plant to choose and purchase medium frequency induction heating furnace, not only technical support, factory direct selling price is more reasonable!

Post time: 04-22-2019